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Sophistication and Elegance

Langrum & Stewart’s Matrilineal Collection Honors the Mothers Who Made Us

My mother has always exuded sophistication and elegance. Therefore, Langrum & Stewart's Nancy with its silver beaded trim evokes the refinement of its namesake, my mother. The Nancy Mirror's beveled edge allows light to reflect in multiple directions adding a touch of finesse to any space.

The Nancy's beveled edge allows light to reflect in multiple directions. The silver beaded trim adds a touch of sophistication. (Measurements 72" X 38") Price $599.99.

Beveled Edge

Little Nancy

The Little Nancy is named after our Great Paternal Grandmother Nancy, a little lady with a big personality. At over 6 feet tall and 4 feet wide the Little Nancy is any but little. The Little Nancy is a spectacular sparkling creation, destined to take center stage in any room.

Little Nancy with 23 Large Octagons

The Little Nancy with twenty-three large octagons, with deeply beveled mirrored sides, are interspersed with smaller squares, for a true eye-dazzling effect. (Measurements 72" X 48")
Price $899.99

The Melissa

In 1855 our 2nd Great Maternal? Grandmother Melissa was born on a Texas plantation. Today we honor her with Langrum & Stewart's most spectacular dining table the Melissa.

The Melissa

With its abundance of mirrors, the Melissa dining table brings glamour to your home. (Measurements 48" X 32")
Price $1,149.99

The Josephine Dinette

The Josephine dinette is named after one of Langrum & Stewart's namesakes our Great Maternal Grandmother Josephine Langrum.

The Josephine Dining Table

The Josephine dining table is beautifully beveled and mirrored on all exterior sides. The Josephine table has elegantly mirrored tapered legs. Its compacted size allows smaller dining spaces to have high style impact.
(Measurements 51" X 32" X 32")
Price $549.99